Introducing The Foghorn, a Maine cannabis law blog

Welcome to The Foghorn, a Maine cannabis law blog. This blog will explore current legal issues and events that impact Maine’s cannabis industry, from the perspective of a Maine attorney. The blog will strive to provide interesting and informative content to Maine’s medical marijuana patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and others in the state’s ever-evolving cannabis industry.
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I spent most of my childhood in Maine, running around outside and falling in love with the state’s rocky, coniferous brand of beauty.  I then headed west to upstate New York for a time, where I attended law school and met my wife.  Finally, I came full circle and ended up back in this great state, where I practice in the relatively unique field of cannabis law.
When I tell people about my particular practice area, I’m usually met with surprise.  And with good reason – at present, the legal cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and fraught with legal pitfalls for even the most risk-averse.  While the majority of states have enacted some form of medical marijuana program, and while eight states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis for recreational use, cannabis possession, cultivation, and sale are still federally prohibited.  To some, it seems paradoxical for an attorney to focus on such a gray and contentious area of law.
However, it’s precisely this legal uncertainty that makes cannabis law such an important field, and so interesting to me.  In my practice, I have seen numerous examples of how medical cannabis can improve, and literally save the lives of people who simply cannot find relief anywhere else.  After seeing what a simple plant can mean to so many people, and after seeing how much risk and fear the law can impose on patients trying to obtain cannabis, and on the caregivers and businesses working to provide it, I knew I’d found my calling.  I feel fortunate to practice in this peculiar area of law, advising Mainers to lower the risk and uncertainty involved in accessing and providing a life-saving medicine.
While this blog will never provide legal advice, it will aim to provide insights that are both interesting and informative.  Check back soon for the first substantive post.
Matthew Dubois

About Matthew Dubois

Matt is an attorney in the Bangor area, where he runs a statewide practice focused on Maine cannabis law.